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Continuing our run up to the PPMA TOTAL 2016 show running 27-29th September, this week we look at our work supporting the Pharmaceutical industry. This time we talk about the change one manufacturer made to their Dry Vapour Hydrogen Peroxide systems (DVHP). They removed variable time/pump based delivery system with a Coriolis Mass Flow Meter so they could quantify each dose of H2O2 to ensure decontamination and also build in an alarm for low dosing to ensure work would not be carried out in an unsafe environment.

The key takeaway from this is the move from a time based non empirical system of control to an empirical, known quantity of H2O2 each time to ensure consistent decontamination in-line with the customers’ demands.

PPMA TOTAL 2016 is going to be an excellent event to share innovation and technology, promoting efficiency and growth.

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