The new generation
EL-FLOW® is here

EL-FLOW Prestige is the next generation of Bronkhorst Mass Flow Meters / Controllers for gases. Nearly all core components have been redesigned and many improvements and innovations have been incorporated. With this new series Bronkhorst introduced the “Differential Temperature Balancing” technology, ensuring a superb sensor stability.
EL-FLOW Prestige model FG-200CV Mass FLow Controller
EL-FLOW Prestige model FG-110C Mass Flow Meter
Honorable Mention: Exhaust gas simulation tests lambda probe with thermal mass flowmeters — Bronkhorst High-Tech
The new EL-FLOW®
  • New housing
    • Robust, metal casing
    • new PROFINET interface
  • New sensor
    • New thermal principle: Differential Temperature Balancing
    • Hermetic welded sensor
    • Better stability and reproducibility
      results in increased process yield
  • New laminar flow element
    • Improved linearity
      results in more accurate conversion factor calculation
    • On board conversion calculation with stored properties
  • New electronics
    • On-board calibration curves for 100 gases and mixtures
    • Customizable I/O-options
    • Supports all Multibus interfaces
    • Up to 30% reduction of power consumption
    • Active temperature compensation
    • Optional pressure compensation
  • New control valve
    • Faster response time
    • Extremely reduced overshoot
    • Excellent dynamic performance
    • Increased life time

A great product from every perspective A great product from every perspective
World's most versatile Mass Flow
Meters / Controllers for gases
Customized Input/Output configurations

Digital pulse output

The programmable pin 5 (9-pin sub-D connector) can be set for a pulse output per quantity, as defined by the user. This pulse can be fed directly to remote totalizing counters, digital readout devices or control instrumentation.

Digital pulse output

Shut-off valve activation

The digital output of the programmable pin 5 (9-pin sub-D connector) can be used to activate a shut-off valve. For instance, a shut-off valve can be programmed to close when the MFC’s setpoint is zero, to ensure that the gas line is absolutely closed. Alternatively the valve may be activated upon a certain alarm value or when a preset counter value has been reached. This functionality makes the use of valve terminals superfluous.

Shut off valve activation

External reset counter

EL-FLOW Prestige instruments offer alarm and counter functions as a standard feature. To reset the counter value, e.g. locally displayed by a BRIGHT R/C-module, the user should operate the push-buttons. Alternatively, using the digital input option of the programmable pin 5, an external input signal can be sent to the instrument to reset the counter.

External reset counter
Enjoy the benefits!

Innovative sensor
gradient insensitive, accurate temperature and pressure correction, high linearity

Ingenious laminar flow element
perfect flow split

Improved control valve
reliable, reproducible, outstanding dynamic behavior

Upgraded electronics
versatile flow control algorithms, embedded intelligence, reduced power consumption

EL-FLOW Prestige
Free, easy-to-use configuration software
Software, Flowtune for Windows
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