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Competence in Food and Pharma

In the Food & Pharma Industry there are many applications in which gases or liquids must be measured or controlled. Bronkhorst has a wide range of products to cope with the requirements from this market. Typical examples of applications are aeration of liquids, dosage of additives (flavour, colourant, vitamins, odorants) and sealing, coating and sterilisation/aseptisation of packaging (cartons, PET bottles, glas bottles, etc.) for (e.g) juice or dairy products (milk, yogurt, etc.).


mini CORI-FLOW series

compact Coriolis Mass Flow Meter / Mass Flow Controller for liquids and gases. Both analog and digital output. Housing according to IP65 classification. World's smallest Coriolis Mass Flow Controller !

Flow ranges from 0-20 g/h up to 0-300 kg/h.


CORI-FLOW series

Precision Mass Flow Meters and Controllers based on Coriolis measuring principle. Housing according to IP65 classification. With analog or digital output. Metal sealed Meter, Controller either metal or elastomer sealed.

Flow ranges from 0-500 g/h up to 0-600 kg/h.

EL-FLOW Select

EL-FLOW Select series

Laboratory style Thermal Mass Flow Meters (MFM’s) and Mass Flow Controllers (MFC’s) with analog or digital output. Multi-gas / multi-range functionality available as an option. Elastomer sealed.

Flow ranges from 0-0,7 ml n /min up to 0-1670 l n /min air-equivalent