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Spray Coating Solution

Using Mass Flow Meter Controlled Pumps

Bronkhorst combines pumps with Coriolis meters. The pumps are directly (speed) controlled by the Coriolis instruments with integrated PID-controller, thus creating a mass flow pump with many advantages. Bronkhorst Mass Flow Pumps will control flow very accurately and highly stable to a spraying nozzle, which results in a perfectly uniform coated layer. 

This combination sprays a flow which is totally independent of factors such as temperature, viscosity, pressure or a tiny blockage in the flow line. The Coriolis MFM sends a signal to the pump which will result in the desired flow-output. In the current situation, the outlet flow may be affected by several external factors, since there is no sensor to correct for these influences.
Your benefits:
Real mass flow dosage instead of volume flow

  • No (re)calibration needed due to the highly accurate Coriolis mass flow instrument, which behaves like a scale for flowing mass
  • Reduction of wasted fluid due to a very fast stabilization of the set flow rate
  • Continuous flow control or batch dosing using integrated totalizer
  • Direct flow control to the spraying nozzle
  • No external control unit required: our (mini) CORI-FLOW instruments with integrated PID-controller (and totalizer) can be programmed using free software tools or via several available fieldbuses