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(Petro) Chemical, Plastics, Metal and Glass Industry

Since being established in 1981, Bronkhorst High-Tech has supplied instrumentation for mass flow & pressure measurement into the Process Industry, in particular to the (Petro) Chemical, Plastics, Metal and Glass Industry. Many new products and product improvements have been initiated by questions or demands from process engineers in this market segment. Typical examples of applications are process gas flow and/or pressure control in pilot plant or small production lines, gas monitoring for accounting purposes, leak detection and control of chemical catalysts. Mass Flow Controllers are also used in industrial furnace applications for the control of burner gases, oxygen dosage in decarbonation processes, plastics extrusion and foaming systems, passivation of aluminium and  in (laser or plasma) cutting and welding applications.


 Application Notes & Market Brochures

  Chemical Market brochure
  Plastics & Rubber Market brochure
Glass Production Market brochure
Application Note Reactor Systems
Application Note Burner Control
Application Note Burners - Ratio Control
Application Note Micro Reactor
Application Note Catalysts test system
Application Note Performance Chemicals
Application Note Dosing of Nitrobenzene
(used for Aniline dyes) 
Application Note Gas Supply in Steelmaking Process 
Application Note Water Splitting for Hydrogen Production
Application Note Polystyrene Foam Extrusion 
Application Note Back Pressure Regulation for Catalyst Research
Application Note Catalysis at High Pressure
Application Note Dosing Accurate dosing of small organic solvent flows
Application Note Research High-Quality Graphene Production
Application Note 3D Printing of Metal Products
Application Note Liquefied Gas Dosing