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Medical, Health and Personal Care

The Medical market - including Health and Personal Care - is a very demanding market when it comes to the specification of instrumentation. Bronkhorst's research and development activities are mainly geared to the demands of the market and many new products result from close co-operation with our customers. As an example, in the field of Medical equipment, our low flow liquid flow meters / controllers (LIQUI-FLOW series) are being applied for artificial kidney production (hollow fibres). At health care institutions (e.g. hospitals), our gas mass flow meters are used for monitoring anesthetic gas consumption.


 Application Notes & Market Brochures

  Application Note Bone Graft substitutes
  Application Note Medical Gas
Application Note Cleaning Fluid Dosing
Application Note Drug Coated Stents
Application Note Simulation of High Altitude Environment
Application Note Microspheres for Liver Cancer Treatment
Application Note Accurate Flow Control for Cancer Research
Application Note Quality Control for Respiratory Products
Application Note Testing Bioresorbable Sealant Patches