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Surface treatment

Coating is the magic word in the world of Surface Treatment. Bronkhorst High-Tech has supplied many instruments, both standard and customised, for use in Plasma Coating installations, Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD), Thermal Spraying, Painting and other processes in which surfaces are hardened, embellished or provided with a functional layer. From the Glass Industry to the Automobile Industry, from Tool Production to Optics, the variety of applications is numerous and our experience is great.



 Application Notes & Market Brochures

Application Note Diamond depostion HFCVD
Application Note Spray Coating
Application Note Plasma Spraying
Application Note Glass Coating Industry
Application Note PCB Treatment
(Spray Dosing)
Application Note Glass Surface Treatment
Application Note Water Repellent Fabrics and Textiles
Application Note Analysis of Headlamp Coating Process
Application Note Coating Power Slurry Flow