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Bronkhorst UK Christmas Celebrations 2015

With the recent changes at Bronkhorst UK the team decided to all get together one evening and enjoy a night out. It was decided using the local knowledge of the employees to head to a small local independent restaurant called Pocket Bistro. This is classic bistro food with a modern feel restaurant. Everyone enjoyed a modern twist on the Christmas meal and a good time was had by all.
After the meal we headed to a couple of the local pubs for some further drinks and festivities. Later on that night we were also joined by Fergus van Beek who then was involved in the final sales meeting of 2015.

In the UK as part of a charity appeal people wear their ‘Christmas Jumpers’, this year both George Stanton and James Arnold took this up a level by dressing as snowmen in Onesie’s. This was very funny and well received. Also a few pounds were raised to help those less fortunate than ourselves.

Happy New Year to all our partners and we wish you all success.

NPAG Annual Conference 2015

Bronkhorst UK, leaders in low to ultra-low flow measurement and control show cased their highly accurate, real-time, device to speedily calibrate and data-log the accuracy and functionality of syringe drive/infusion pumps. The solution utilizes cutting edge Coriolis technology together with pressure measurement to enable actual flow rate measurement in mass/volume and an occlusion test. This device, available in single- and multi-channel configurations will revolutionize the turn-around time for calibration and testing whilst also providing full accountability of produced data. The device was a great success and the next prototype will be developed for some lab based trials.

Also on show was the Bronkhorst MASS-STREAM instruments which can measure gas flow this can be used on the medical gas lines and with its counter function be used to offer accountability to each of the departments which improves the cost controls for the hospital.

Bronkhorst at Offshore Europe 2015, AECC, Aberdeen

Bronkhorst will once again be attending the Offshore Europe Exhibition in September at the AECC in Aberdeen (Stand 1A10) following their great success at the 2013 event. Recent shifts within the industry have further strengthened the need for a critical review of both project costings and mid- to long-term returns and the specific expertise of Bronkhorst within low to ultra-low flow applications has, as a result, seen particular focus. The capability to measure, and control, the smallest flows of both gas and liquid offers a great many benefits – no revenue streams are ever left un-measured, not one drop of additive is ever wasted and auto-calibration of analytical equipment can be refined to truly exceptional levels.

Both working demonstrations and design engineers will be available at Offshore Europe and you are cordially invited to Stand 1A10 for further discussions.

Bronkhorst UK Limited UK AD & Biogas 2015 exhibition

Bronkhorst UK attended the UK AD & Biogas exhibition. This is the UK’s only dedicated anaerobic digestion and biogas trade show and 2015 show  brought together exhibitors and visitors  from farming, food and drink, local authorities, waste management, utilities, transport and instrumentation around the UK at the NEC in Birmingham on the 1st and 2nd of July 2015, to explore the latest technological advances and funding in Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas. Bronkhorst own Joost  Lotters was on the panel of speakers for the Biomethane production – connecting to the gas grid and upgrading technology talk in the purple seminar section. His presentation was specific to Bronkhorst continuation of development of new products and the introduction of how Bronkhorst can measure the Wobbe Index which is critical in the understanding of a biogases calorific value. New opportunities and ideas were gained and, in particular, people from different fields in the industry were brought together with a spirit of co-operation.

With the opportunity to discuss new projects and applications, the two days proved to be extremely exciting and we look forward to the 2016 event.

2015 Science Technology Innovation Exhibition at Culham and Rutherford Appleton Laboratories.

Bronkhorst UK attended 2015 Science Technology Innovation Exhibition at Culham and Rutherford Appleton Laboratories.This was an important industry focused exhibition with two back to back exhibitions spending the first day at the world renowned Culham Centre for Fusion Energy in Oxfordshire. The second day was held a short drive away at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory. The exhibitions had approximately 60 exhibitors showing their latest innovations. Bronkhorst was there with their Compact Pump & Coriolis solution and newly launched Vapour Delivery Module which combines a Liquid and a Carrier Gas to create a Vapour. Both Paul Burroughs & Ken Drayson enjoyed the experience and Paul quoted “It is great to be in the presence of such celebrated locations of UK Science and Innovation”

Bronkhorst UK exhibit at ChemEngDay UK 2015

Bronkhorst UK Limited represented by Anthony Fick and James Walton exhibited at ChemEngDay UK 2015. ChemEngDay UK 2015 brought together researchers, academics and industry from around the UK at Sheffield's City Hall on the 8th and 9th of April 2015, to explore the latest technological advances and research in core areas of chemical engineering. Through a combination of distinguished plenary speakers, parallel technical sessions and poster sessions, leading experts from academia and industry showcased their research efforts, technologies and visions. New opportunities for collaborative research were created and, in particular, industrialists were able to establish new relationships with universities and other industries.

Dominated by plenary talks, there was still plenty of time for the poster sessions, refreshment breaks and to talk to the exhibitors who centrally located in the hall. The event provided Bronkhorst with the opportunity to talk to those already using our instruments and to those who were totally new to us With the opportunity to discuss new projects and applications, the two proved to be extremely exciting and we look forward to the 2016 event in Bath.

Pittcon Exhibition 2015

During 9th to the 12th March Bronkhorst UK once again attended the Pittcon Exhibition, this year taking place in New Orleans,  and for the first part of the week at least it was still very much “everything science under the sun”. Pittcon is a premier global conference and exhibition for the latest advances in laboratory science.  

With over 16,000 attendees and a number of “hot topics” coming to the fore during this years show, it was clear that innovation and new product development is as important now as it has always been. Recent work successfully completed within Super-Critical Fluid Chromatography was especially well received as was the concept of splitting flow by mass. It was a great opportunity to discuss application challenges and solutions away from the pressures of the office.

Sharing ideas and experience is key to the ethos of Knowledge Exchange from Bronkhorst and the many discussions with existing customers clearly demonstrated this.  Equally important however, and of course within the strict limitations of confidentiality, was the opportunity to meet with new industry specialists and forge new friendships and collaborations for the years ahead. The laboratory and analytical industry is resurgent across the world and many new requirements within the field of gas, liquid and vapour flow/pressure measurement and control are being fulfilled by Bronkhorst.

A very successful and enjoyable trip, here’s looking to 2016 and Atlanta.

UK Surface Engineering – Present and Future.  17 February 2015

Troy Stehr, one of Bronkhorsts’ Area Sales Managers, attended the UK Surface Engineering – Present and Future on February 17th, the UK Surface Engineering Conference organised by the Manufacturing Technologies Association and hosted by Cranfield University.

Professor Jose L. Endrino, Head of Surface Engineering and Nanotechnology Institute (SENTi)at Cranfield University, chaired the event that was aimed at UK and international engineers from the supply-chain and end-users, as well as for members from academia currently dealing with advanced coating materials for any type of application. This major event discussed some of the ideas to maintain an active innovation culture in this sector. Several keynote lectures during the morning and afternoon sessions covered some of the present topics in UK Surface Engineering related to power generation, wear protection and tribology, and highly functional applications.

Surface engineering has been recognized as an “enabling technology” which is capable of addressing some of the key issues faced by the manufacturing industry. The development, application and validation of surface engineering treatments are valuable tools in achieving differentiated products by allowing, at the same time, high materials performance and advanced designs. As a key supplier to certain aspects and techniques of surface engineering processes, Bronkhorst UK was pleased to sponsor and take part in this event.

February 2015 - Coriolis Product Specialist Knowledge Sharing

Ashley Buck from Bronkhorst UK and Alexander Huembs from Bronkhorst Deutschalnd-Nord have shared some time together in an exchange program to give Alex an insight into the task and role of Ashley as Coriolis Product Manager. This exchange program was split over two visits. For the first, Ashley visited Alex in Kamen for three days where they discussed what Ashley does in promoting and assisting the UK Sales team with increasing the Coriolis sales and market  in the UK. Also kindly Torsten Maaz had a customer visit arranged to a chocolate factory where Bronkhorst Nord have a successful Pump & Coriolis solution being used for dosing flavouring. This visit was especially nice as the customer kindly gave us some free samples.

The second part was that Alex visited the UK for some continued exchange and discussions. The main focus at this time was to share both some practical hands-on training and looking at the process for organising a structured, successful Coriolis Seminar. The pair also joined Paul Burroughs (South East England Area Sales Manager, Bronkhorst UK) to complete detailed site visits at two of Bronkhorst UK’s more established customers. This particular day was especially interesting and informative for Alex as he could directly relate to the actual role that Ashley undertakes. Both parties felt this time was extremely beneficial and helpful for the future. We strongly urge everyone to join hands across the world to work ever more closely to share the knowledge and experiences that we all have. Everyone is a winner !!