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On this page we present you with our press releases.

11-03-2019 Accurate dosing of corrosion inhibitors
23-01-2019 New Features for Industrial Gas Flow Meters
14-12-2018 Free Online Calculator for 1800 Fluids
24-09-2018 Robust Mass Flow Meters and Controllers
13-08-2018 P-800 Process Pressure Controllers
20-06-2018 EL-FLOW Prestige Pressure Insensitive Mass Flow Controller
27-03-2018 FLOW-CONTROL - Pressure compensated control valves
28-02-2018 Bronkhorst extends ISO 17025 Calibration Services
16-10-2017 High Pressure Gas Flow Control
29-06-2017 LIQUI-VIEW Base, Vortex Flow Meter with Local Display
16-06-2017 ES-FLOW, Ultrasonic Flow Meter for Low Flow Rates
09-06-2017 EX-Proof Coriolis Flow Meter for Low Flow Rates
24-02-2017 New Managing Director Bronkhorst High-Tech
08-02-2017 MASS-VIEW, A Clear View on Higher Flow Rates
03-06-2016 Valve Seat Leak Detection
11-03-2016 Mass Flow Meters/Controllers with PROFINET interface
09-03-2016 MAG-VIEW P-Series - Upgrade of electromagnetic flow meters product line
25-02-2016 Flow Pressure Control for Reactor Vessel
18-01-2016 Calibration Centre Increases Scope
24-09-2015 Bronkhorst Specialises in Low Flow for Oil & Gas Research
24-09-2015 CORI-FILL® For Accurate Mass Measuring & Simultaneous Dosing
21-08-2015 Cleanroom Upgrade
14-08-2015 Digital Mass Flow Meter/Controller features local indication and operation
06-08-2015 The Versatility and Quality of Mass-Stream Instruments
15-06-2015 Bronkhorst Launch the EL-FLOW Prestige
02-04-2015 ML120 - Ultra Low Flow Coriolis Flow Meter/Controller
03-02-2015 Liquid Propane Injection for AD&B
24-03-2015 NEW: LabVIEW drivers
15-10-2014 All-in-one Vapor Delivery Solution
02-07-2014 New Single & Multi Channel Readout/Control Units provide many features and functions
02-04-2015 Controlled Evaporator & Mixing
17-06-2014 Accurate Dosing of Raw Ingredient Saves Costs
28-07-2014 Hydrogen Peroxide Dispensing Uses Coriolis Technology
14-04-2014 M12 Capability Extension
08-02-2014 Cori_Fill System goes from Strength to Strength
04-03-2014 Knowledge Transfer Programme Extended
05-02-2014 Compact Mass Flow Controller for Harsh Environments
22-01-2014 Bronkhorst strengthens its position in Asia
15-08-2013 FLOW-SMS, cost and space saving flow control solution
28-02-2013 SONIC-VIEW, Measuring flow with ultrasound
21-01-2013 mini CORI-FLOW M15 for higher flow rates
11-12-2012 MAG-VIEW, Compact liquid flow meter without moving parts
01-09-2012 MASS-VIEW now available from 10-200 mln/min
27-01-2012 Mass Flow Meters / Controllers with EtherCAT interface
29-08-2011 BRIGHT R/C-modules - A clear view on flow
02-12-2010 Accurate dosing of small mass flow rates using CORI-FILL technology
14-10-2010 Bronkhorst High-Tech calibration laboratory ISO-17025 certified
28-09-2010 10 Selectable gases on MASS-VIEW flow meter
19-08-2010 Multi Fluid Multi Range gives flexibility and cost reduction
26-02-2010 Direct Mass Flow Meters / Controllers for industrial applications IN-FLOW CTA
08-09-2009 Metal Sealed Digital Mass Flow Controller
22-06-2009 MASS-VIEW, enhanced accuracy specification
27-05-2009 MASS-VIEW for H2 and Helium
01-09-2008 MASS-VIEW, the intelligent alternative for VA flow meters
28-04-2008 Compact Coriolis Mass Flow Meter & Controller
14-02-2008 ATEX Zone 2 liquid flow Meter-Controller
19-11-2007 ATEX Zone 2 Digital Pressure Meter-Controller
22-11-2006 Liquid Dosing Systems using flow meter controlled pumps
23-08-2006 Liquid Mass flow sensors including OEM-applications
16-02-2006 IQ+FLOW - Worlds smallest MFC
08-09-2005 ATEX Zone 2 Digital Mass Flow Controller