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Less waste, more taste

mini CORI-FLOW™ series - World's smallest Coriolis Flow Meters / Controllers

Optimize your production to a more accurate and more stable process! Upgrading your system with (mini) CORI-FLOW™ instruments for additive dosing will result in:

  • Higher efficiency due to a single solution for multiple processes and additives which leads to short change over times.
  • Better consistency as a result of detailed measurement and control information. The obtained measurement data will give better process insight and good traceability of the used additives.
  • Higher product quality due to very accurate (continuous or batch) control of additives.

Every additive has a different composition, therefore volumetric methods need to be recalibrated per changeover. Bronkhorst Coriolis instruments measure direct mass flow which is independent of fluid properties. This will ensure:

  • Flexibility: working with a variety of additives without changing the instrument
  • Reduction in inventory, as proven by the most well-known confectionery companies across the world
  • Less waste: changing additive flow rates in a matter of seconds

Application Example

CORI-FILL technology

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